Macular Degeneration is a Leading Cause of Blindness in The World. 

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Your Vision Is PRICELESS.

My mission over the past 20 years has been to help people like you protect, preserve, and in some cases, even restore their precious eyesight.

The prevention of macular degeneration is particularly near and dear to my heart, because I myself am at risk for this potentially blinding, devastating condition. 

Having done extensive research into the prevention of macular degeneration, I use scientifically proven strategies based in eye-healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices to safeguard my own vision, and my patients' vision as well. 

My mission is to spread this valuable information so that anyone at risk for vision loss from macular degeneration may benefit.  This includes those:

 - diagnosed with early or intermediate macular degeneration who are at risk for vision loss
- with a family member diagnosed who are at higher risk
- who carry a gene for the condition. 

Join me in my quest to stop blindness from macular degeneration by making eye-healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices. Isn't your vision worth it?

- To Your Eye Health,   Dr. Rani Banik
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